• RHPC 2017 WCT donation
    RHPC kids present Paper Chase proceeds to our friends at the Willistown Conservation Trust
  • 2015-05-02 09.27.43
    Beautiful gifts
  • Grace
    Grace O receives the "D" award from Mrs. Wicas at the RHPC annual picnic. Congrats!
  • D camp
    RHPC D Campers enjoying the accommodations at Fair Hill
  • Event rally
    RHPC superstars of eventing!
  • horseless
    Our fierce Horseless Rally team!
  • WCT 2015 donation
    RHPC gives back by donating its 2015 Paper Chase proceeds to the Willistown Conservation Trust
  • unmounted 2016 2 resize
    Getting ready for rally season at unmounted meetings
  • Winter 2015 fox hunt resize
    Winter 2015 RHPC fox hunters
  • Ryan Wood resize
    Pony Clubbers having a lesson with international eventer Ryan Wood.
  • Paper Chase 2015
    A gorgeous day for the 2015 RHPC Chase for Conservation
  • Tet 2015 resize
    RHPC's 2015 Tet Rally Team
  • tea resize 3
    Gigi, Mary and Nat ready for action!
  • tea resize 2
  • IMG 2090
    Arena Play Day 2018
  • tea resize 1
    RHPC Drill Team at the Hunt Tea
  • mORGAN
  • IMG 1252
    Amanda on her way to a 1st place event team win at the NAJRYC
  • FullSizeRender
    Amelia and Penny taking a fence at the RHPC Jumper Show
  • RJump1(5-2-15)0559
    Nathalie and Debina in harmony
  • RJump1(5-2-15)0573
    Christina and Miley in perfect form at the Jumper Show
  • RJump2(5-2-15)0473
    Juliana and Opie on the Derby Course.
  • RJump3(5-2-15)0004
    Thanks to our sponsors and Mrs. Sharkey for our beautiful division awards.
  • RJump3(5-2-15)0015
    Thanks to all of our volunteers who made our grounds spectacular for our Jumper Show
  • RJump3(5-2-15)0045
    Nate is Great! with Carter
  • 2015 Dressage Rally participants
  • Champs resize
    Lex, Amelia and Sammy dressed to kill at USPC Champs!
  • Quiz resize
    RHPC Quiz kids rock!
  • Dedicated parents
    Dedicated parents at USPC Champs
  • RHPC kids excel in USEA finals!
    RHPC kids excel in USEA finals!
  • Ppaer Chase 2014 resize
    RHPC Paper Chase participants and volunteers
  • Paper Chase 2014 donation resize
    RHPC's Paper Chase proceeds benefit Willistown Conservation Trust
  • Paper Chase 2014 resize
    A well deserved treat awaited horses and ponies at the finish line of the 2014 Chase for Conservation
  • Congrats to Morgan
    Congratulations Morgan for receiving the Founders Award for best Pony Club score at the RHHT!
  • Pony finals
    Julianna and Pony Club teammates take Gold at Pony Finals!
  • photo (9)
    Owen and Lexie working with Cherie on teaching skills
  • photo (8)
    Lexie working on her teaching requirement
  • Easter resize 4
    Everyone rides at the RHPC Easter Egg Hunt!
  • Easter resize 1
    This is where Easter Eggs hide for RHPC kids
  • Easter resize 2
    This is how we roll! RHPC kids get ready for 1st annual Easter Egg Hunt
  • SJ Rally 1 resize
    Non-Q Winners Carly, Gelsey, Nathalie & Larissa
  • sj rally 2
    Congratulations to High Point D rider at Rally Nathalie
  • 2014 Event Rally resize
    Qualifying Event Rally participants at the Plantation Field Horse Trials
  • RHPC row resized
    RHPC Row at the Jumper Show
  • Horseless rally resize
    Young PC members and their advisors learn the ropes at Horseless Rally
  • winter clinic resize
    A sold out clinic with Daniel Steward hosted by RHPC
  • Dan Stewart Clinic
    RHPC members learn fitness from Daniel Stewart
  • WCT donation
    Pony Club riders and volunteers donate paper chase proceeds to WCT
  • sofia
    The USPC spirit - Sofia pitching in!
  • DSC00323
    Shadow needs an umbrella drink!
  • DSC00327
    A shrimp on the Barbie!
  • DSC00328
    Gwen helping out - that's the PC spirit!
  • DSC00329
  • DSC00331
    Where's your pony Ken?
  • DSC00333
    Super Mario girls!
  • DSC00201
    Event Rally competitors after a fun day.
  • DSC00342
    Where's thing 2?
  • Kids hunt
    RHPC kids foxhunt too!
  • Adare at Event rally
    Adare heading into dressage at Event Rally
  • Event Rally
    Event Rally participants walk the SJ course.
  • shaddy at rally 2
    Diana and Shadow sparkle at Event Rally
  • nat at rally resize
    Nathalie and Cookie ready for dressage at Event Rally
  • Congrats to the RHPC Champs team!  Gwyn, Lexie, Gabbie, Christina & Amelia.
    Congrats to the RHPC Champs team! Gwyn, Lexie, Gabbie, Christina & Amelia.
  • Lexie prepares with Quiz members Amelia and Christina
    Lexie prepares with Quiz members Amelia and Christina
  • Gywn, Lexie and teammates take HM!
    Gywn, Lexie and teammates take HM!
  • Gabbie takes a fence at USPC Champs
    Gabbie takes a fence at USPC Champs
  • Sleepy stable managers
    The end of a long day at Rally
  • Sweet Dreams Drew
    Sweet Dreams Drew
  • Diana and Adare reszied
    Diana and Adare at Show Jumping Rally
  • Bella resized
    Bella and Angie at Show Jumping Rally
  • Prima resized
    Prima in perfect form at Show Jumping Rally
  • new jump resized
    Thanks to Mrs. Lee for our beautiful USPC jump!
  • Gabbie resized
    Gabbie and Bojangles at Show Jumping Rally
  • Leadline
    Our future Pony Clubber is already riding at Devon!
  • Radnor races
    A beautiful tailgate prepared by Mrs. Sharkey and Mrs. Lowther.
  • Resize races 2
    Come have fun with the RHPC gang.
  • Resize races 1
    RHPC at the Radnor Races
  • Paper Chase 2013
    Gelsey, Owen Katherine and Diana enjoy the RHPC Paper Chase
  • Katherine
    Katherine and Lexus at Devon
  • Jumper Show 2013
    Our dedicated RHPC parents.
  • Jumper Show 2013
    Derby takes a fence in the pony jumpers.
  • Jumper Show 2013
    Congratulations to our Champions
  • Dressage Rally 2013
    Dressage Rally Quiz champs Gwyn and Amelia
  • Dressage Rally 2013
    Radnor Grey Team members Christina and Gabbie
  • Dressage Rally 2013
    Congratulations to all of our RHPC participants!
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General Rally Information

updated 9/12/08

Rallys are a big part of the pony club experience. This page contains useful information you'll need to be a properly informed parent and rally competitor.

Click here for important rally information for all parents

Click here to download Rally Organizing Parent responsibilities (word document)

What is a rally?

A rally is a Pony Club competition where teams of Radnor Hunt Pony Clubbers compete against other teams for other Pony Clubs within the Eastern Pennsylvania Region. For many Pony Clubbers, competing in a rally is one of the best things about Pony Club. Except for Quiz and Un-rally, rallies are mounted competitions usually made up of teams of 3-5. All of the team members ride in the competition except one, who acts as the stable manager, helping with all the essential ground work that must be done to support the mounted competitors.

On the day of the rally, parents are not allowed to interact with their children at all. It is up to the team to pull together to take care of all the details and logistics. This is wonderfully liberating for parents and kids, and stimulates teamwork and leadership within the Pony Club teams. In addition to the riding performance of the team members, the rally teams are also judged on horse management. 

What is Horse Management?

During the day of a Pony Club rally, each team is required to setup a complete and organized tack room (usually using an empty horse trailer or tent) containing all the necessary gear. Saddle racks, bridle racks, first aid, equipment, tack, etc. is all set up in the stable. Everything must be labeled and in proper cleanliness, repair, and condition. Points are taken off for things like dirty tack, and missing required items.

A great deal of preparation goes into getting ready for a rally, not the least of which is attending mounted practice sessions, often on weekdays after school.

A non-qualifying rally is a one-time rally, with no progressive competition for winners. By contrast, winners at regional qualifying rallies have the opportunity to move on to advanced competitions at Pony Club Championships, which are held in Lexington, Virginia for the eastern half of the United States. Every three years is considered a festival year, in which national championships are held among pony clubbers from all over the country. National championships are hosted in Lexington, KY. 

Team Captain Responsibilities

  • The captain is the communicator for the team. You call team members. You help relay information.

  • During the rally, check the scoreboard frequently and act as spokesperson if there is a scoring dispute, which must be made within 30 minutes of a score being posted. The captain is the only one who can make inquiries and protests.

  • Arrange for 2 team meetings with the stable manager if possible. Coordinate equipment organization and meetings before the rally.

  • Communicate with your teammates about the rally before the rally; help the younger/newer members along and show them the ropes. (Example, remind younger members that their ponies and tack should arrive to the rally absolutely spotless.)

  • Get stall card information from team members and make stall cards or remind each team member to make their own.

  • Arrange arrival time. Ask for parents to help carry heavy equipment, but the TEAM must do set-up and take-down of the tack room.

  • Coordinate trailer planning, including tack trailer if not using a tent.

  • Provide team leadership on rally day regarding time management, teammate and mount preparation, etc.

Stable Manager (Horse Manager) Responsibilities

  • Contact teammates for equipment meeting; supervise and check equipment & label.

  • Figure out who will bring required extra tack and equipment.

  • On rally day make a competitors time schedule and chart

  • Go over equipment list to make sure each person has required personal equipment.

  • Remind teammates about stall cards.

  • On rally day, get team ready for HM inspections.

  • On rally day, assist each team member in preparing for Formal Inspection and get them to the formal on time.

  • Go with the competitor to formal inspection if possible.

  • On rally day, get rider in the warm up ring in plenty of time before each test.

  • Be available to assist wherever needed during rally.

  • All team members should be helping the stable manager and each other; the stable manager is never a slave!


The club has inspected our equipment prior to entering the rally season. Our goal has been to provide 4 teams with MOST BUT NOT ALL of the equipment for rallies as specified in the "USPC Horse Management Required Equipment Checklist" for One-Day Rallies. from the "USPC Horse Management Handbook & Rules for Competition"("LIST"). See the USPC National Web site to download the Horse Management Rulebook which includes the equipment checklist. Pony Club Rulebook

Even with that in mind, some items will need to be provided by the team members in certain cases. First, we will continue having each team member provide their own "Grooming Kit" contents as specified on the LIST. (However, grooming boxes themselves are provided.) Second, some equipment will be required based on each team’s particular needs (for example, the size of riders/mounts and types of equipment used by members such as tall boots and peacock irons). On items with expiration dates, check them.

Each team needs to double check and, if necessary, provide the following (broken down by categories on the LIST):

  • Equine First Aid Kit: Appropriately sized padding for 4 stable wraps (NOTE: appropriate sizes for all team mounts, so a team may need more than one set if there are different size mounts on a team.)
  • Grooming Kit (per horse): ALL contents except wash buckets.
  • Extra Equipment: ALL. NOTE: (1) appropriate sizes for all members and mounts (for example, leathers and irons must fit all members, so a team may need more than one size of each) and (2) if anyone uses peacock irons, 2 rubber bands and leather straps.
  • Stall Equipment (per horse): ALL. NOTE: List requires one water bucket, but RHPC strongly recommends TWO.
  • Tack Room Equipment: NOTE: (1) USPC Horse management Rulebook and each rally rule book must be "current" (most recent edition) and "complete" (having the annual spring newsletter and any addenda), and (2) for each member with tall boots, boot trees (both leg & toe).
  • Tack Cleaning Kit: tack sponge(s) & cleaning cloths.
  • Overnight Rallies: club members who attend are responsible for reviewing the appropriate USPC Horse Management Required Equipment Checklists and providing any additional equipment.


The Pony Club Pledge

As a member of the United States Pony Clubs, I stand for the best in sportsmanship as well as in horsemanship. I shall compete for the enjoyment of the game well played and take winning or losing in stride, remembering that without good manners and good temper, sport loses its cause for being. I shall endeavor to maintain the best tradition of the ancient and noble skill of horsemanship, always treating my horse with consideration due a partner.

Joining RHPC

Are you interested in joining Radnor Hunt Pony Club?

Please contact Radnor Hunt Pony Club’s District Commissioner – Debi Rogers at the link on the "Who's Who" page or email her at RadnorHuntPC@gmail.com and she will be happy to help you!  For more information for the United States Pony Club about the pony club program, please click here: http://www.ponyclub.org.


Facility Usage

If you are NOT an RHPC member but would like to use the RHPC facilities WHICH INCLUDE:



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